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EPS foaming machine with secondary foaming device

2020-09-29 13:18:20
EPS foaming machine with secondary foaming device

Product Description:

Foaming machine has a primary and secondary foaming device

The machine adopts its own programming control and touch screen control, automatic feeding, automatic electronic calculation, automatic control of temperature and air pressure of can body, automatic sensing of material level, etc., to ensure the automatic cycle production of the machine;

The inner wall of foaming machine is surrounded by stainless steel, beautiful and durable

By using electronic weighing system and photoelectric material temperature control system, the unit weight of foaming material can be controlled correctly, and the density of beads after foaming is uniform, and the error is less than 3%

Automatic pressure feeding device, electronic weighing device and material level switch are adopted to realize automatic feeding and improve production efficiency. Closed foaming is adopted for barrel body, which has high thermal efficiency and steam saving

Product parameters:

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