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Automatic intermittent pre foaming machine

2020-09-30 10:31:38
Automatic intermittent pre foaming machine

Product Description:

The machine adopts its own programmable control and touch screen control, automatic feeding, automatic electronic calculation, automatic control of temperature and air pressure of the whole body, automatic sensing of material level, etc., so as to ensure the automatic circulation production of the machine; the electronic weighing system and photoelectric material thermometer control system are used to correctly master the volume density of foaming material, so that the bead density after foaming is uniform, and the error is less than 3% each time The temperature and steam pressure are controlled by advanced German proportional valve and Japanese high-precision pilot pressure reducing valve to ensure constant pressure at the outlet of the pressure reducing valve and to control the temperature in the hopper of the pre starter within ± 1% ℃, so as to ensure the consistency of EPS raw materials and prevent the agglomeration of EPS raw materials due to poor temperature control. Automatic pressure feeding device and electronic scale are adopted Heavy equipment, combined with material level switch, realizes automatic feeding and improves production efficiency. The barrel body adopts closed foaming, which has high thermal efficiency and saves steam. The electrical appliances, pneumatic components and valves used in the machine are all famous brand products at home and abroad, so as to ensure the operation stability, reliability and long service life of the machine. The automatic discharge of the barrel adopts compressed air blowing, The computer has memory function, which can record the brand, specification, foaming process and parameters of EPS raw material manufacturer in the computer. When you need to use the raw materials of the past manufacturers, you can return to the parameters that can be stored in the process by pressing the touch screen of the computer; the fluidized bed can be purchased separately according to the user's choice. The body wall is made of stainless steel, beautiful and durable;

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