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What are the necessary equipment for EPS foam box production line?

2021-07-31 09:02:47

The production of EPS foam box requires a complete set of production equipment. This set of production lines is indispensable. The symplectic machine is a company specializing in the production of foam box equipment. Next we will know the equipment needed.

1、 EPS pre transmitter

1. The weighing part adopts special weighing controller and loading unit, which is controlled by touch screen and PLC, so as to accurately control the input amount of raw materials and reduce the deviation (± 0.05kg).

2. In terms of material level control, the vibrating foaming induction controller imported from Korea can correctly sense the rising degree of foaming particles and maintain the deviation of foaming specific gravity to a small value (18-25g deviation within ± 1%).

3. The pre delivery tank is equipped with a temperature control device, which can control the temperature change of the charging furnace to a small extent, so as to achieve the effect of saving heat energy.

4. The steam water separation device can effectively eliminate the generation of condensate and agglomeration of foaming particles and reduce the water content of raw materials.

5. In case of sudden shutdown (such as power failure or mechanical failure) during equipment operation, the steam valve will be closed automatically immediately and supply gas to the furnace automatically at the same time, so as to prevent materials from caking in the charging furnace and provide double guarantee for product quality.

2、 EPS molding machine and supporting mould

3、 Steam boiler (you can also buy steam directly)

4、 Steam storage tank

5、 Air compressor

6、 Compressed air storage tank

Seven. EPS bunker (foam particles stored after preconditioner foaming)

8、 Other accessories, such as fan, pipeline, wire, etc

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