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Routine maintenance of foam box production equipment is indispensable.

2021-07-31 09:01:52

How do foam box production equipment carry out routine maintenance? We all want to know this question, so let's understand it with Xiaobian!

1. Ensure that the equipment surface is clean and sanitary. Generally speaking, the silicon polystyrene board factory requires to clean the equipment before and after production, mainly to clean the sanitation around and on the surface of the equipment, and keep the equipment in a good environment and clean, so as to avoid the impact of the environment on the equipment.

2. The equipment shall be lubricated regularly. Due to the high processing temperature in the production project of silica gel polystyrene board, the consumption of lubricating oil is very large. Therefore, lubricating oil must be supplemented in time to maintain the good performance of equipment operation. Generally, the lubrication cycle of the equipment is about one week. If there is a large shortage of lubricating oil, it shall be found and supplemented in time.

3. Carry out internal cleaning and screw fixing of the equipment. Although the mechanical strength of the foam box production process is not large, the long time operation of the equipment will make the equipment screw loose, so it needs regular inspection and maintenance. Meanwhile, the internal cleaning of the equipment is also very important, otherwise the quality of the product will decline or the performance of the equipment will be reduced. This cycle is generally about one month, which should not be too frequent, but the time should not be too long.

It is necessary to maintain the equipment that has been used for a long time. The routine maintenance of foam box production equipment is also indispensable. If you have better suggestions, share with us.

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