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Characteristics and operation method of EPS foaming machine

2021-07-09 16:22:53

The EPS foam molding machine has complete functions and convenient parameter adjustment. Closed mold, feed, foam, mold, gas and automatic control, also allows the computer to control the production of foam products, using a variety of heating methods, can be used in the old mold of a complete soil environment, no need to change the factory, the machine can be in good condition, so that products can meet the requirements of automatic vacuum molding machine foam machine, compact structure, save space. Reliable performance, convenient maintenance, save manpower, save steam quality, save raw materials.

EPS molding machine semi-automatic learning, a small amount, no training. Each 2-4 machine foam molding machine adopts imported hydraulic system to increase clamping force, improve mold speed and shorten molding period. Forming machine automatic forming machine is more energy saving. The simple functions of EPS are Chinese, graphical interface control, man-machine dialogue, screw mechanical transmission of foaming machine. The machine is simple in structure, practical and reliable, easy to maintain, and has complete functions of fault diagnosis. The motor protection system, the safe operation of the protection equipment, and the economical and practical protection of the foam molding machine are the ideal choices for the capital. Or user transition investment.

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