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EPP application scope of building foam insulation module.

2021-06-14 21:15:14

EPP building foam insulation module directly replace clay brick. When building, the thermal insulation layer is firmly combined with concrete, forming a permanent internal and external insulation layer at once, without replacement for life, so as to fully realize the integration of building energy efficiency. The main structure of EPS building automatic vacuum packaging molding machine is welded by steel plate and steel pipe, with good rigidity. The four guide pillars are of horizontal layout, and each program action is jointly controlled by electricity, hydraulic pressure and pneumatic. The mold air chamber adopts the mold separation structure, and the machine can be equipped with some air chambers with different depth and size. When replacing the mold, it can be assembled outside the machine first, so as to shorten the stop time of replacing the mold.

EPP building foam insulation module is suitable for residential buildings, such as residential quarters, dormitories, apartments, etc. Public buildings, such as administrative office, culture and education, kindergarten, hotel, etc.; Production and supply of buildings, such as workshops, factories, refrigerators, etc.

New foam box equipment, EPP building foam insulation module, EPP building foam insulation module and so on. Feike EPP full-automatic high-efficiency vacuum energy-saving molding machine has the following characteristics: it can meet the mold closing force of different process requirements, and has large molding size. It is the world's first non steam hose and non drainage hose, and has obtained more than 100 national invention patents. It adopts double steam system, non decompression system, double vacuum system, double condensation system, double feeding system and double drainage and exhaust system. The electrical system is controlled by programmable controller (PLC), and each working cycle is divided into more than 20 programs. Each program can work according to the preset time and automatically transfer to the next program, which has high production efficiency and adaptability to various process requirements.

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