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EPP molding machine factory_ Huasheng machinery pursues quality

2021-06-14 20:46:58

With the increasing application of EPS, EPP and ETPU foam products in various fields, the production technology, equipment structure, automatic control and integration of industrial robots for EPS, EPP and ETPU foam products are getting higher and higher. The era of low labor costs has ended. From labor intensive to technology intensive, the development of EPS, EPP, ETPU foam automation and low energy consumption will be the future development trend of foam forming.

Automation equipment has a good prospect: in the face of severe domestic and international economic environment, many enterprises seek survival and development in adversity, and adopt effective reform methods and measures such as simplifying employees, reducing production costs, and improving production technology. The success of these methods, the help of automation equipment is essential. In recent years, with the increase of labor costs, EPS, EPP, etpu molding machine is expected to replace the artificial production automation in the future, and automation equipment will become hot products.

Automatic molding machine

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