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Full automatic molding machine for foam plastics is introduced in detail

2021-05-27 15:48:30

The foam automatic forming machine is composed of frame, hydraulic system, vacuum system, computer system, steam system, compressed air, water cooling piping, drainage system, supply system, demoulding mechanism and other components. 

1. Frame: it is composed of fixed mold, mobile mold, back seat, guide rod and chassis. Fixed mold and mobile mold are set with mold and core mold respectively. The moving die with the mandrel is pushed and pulled by the hydraulic cylinder installed in the back seat. The moving die moves back and forth along the horizontal direction of the guide rod. The fixed die realizes the opening and closing of the moving die. The position of the moving die is correctly determined by the decoder. The required clearance of the fixed moving die and the backward position of the moving die are determined by the corresponding numbers entered in the stroke setting menu, The operator can adjust it according to the situation.

2. Hydraulic system: pump station, oil tank, integrated valve seat, hydraulic control valve, solenoid valve, etc. constitute an independent component, the hydraulic cylinder is horizontally set in the back seat, and the fast device is set for the model above 1400. 

3. Vacuum system: more than 1200 models are equipped with vacuum system. The application of single vacuum system composed of vacuum pump and vacuum barrel shortens the production cycle, greatly reduces the water content of products, saves energy and reduces the cost. If users need to use central vacuum, the company can also provide customers with central vacuum system, the technical and economic benefits are better than single vacuum.

4. Computer system: the touch screen, PLC computer and electrical parts are installed in the electric box. Operators should pay attention to the touch screen and PLC computer as valuables. Please do a good job in anti-collision and anti scratch work. Especially the EPS molding machine is installed in a humid place with high temperature and large water consumption. The touch screen must be waterproof to extend its service life. The box shall be reliably grounded to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. 

5. Compressed air: the compressed air in the workshop enters the frame at the top of the frame through the oil-water separator; From the frame to all parts of the machine. The compressed air pressure should be stable between 5-7kg( On the right side of an ordinary machine, the compressed air, steam, cooling water and power supply are all introduced from the right side, and the drainage water is also discharged from the right side. If the user needs the machine on the left side, the above equipment is on the left side.

6. Steam system: the workshop steam should be introduced through the filter and pressure reducing valve (customer's own equipment) from the steam pipe set at the back of the top of the rack. The steam pressure should be stabilized at 5-7 kg. If there is a large amount of instant steam consumption equipment in the factory, if there is a 6m large plate machine, in order to prevent the violent wave of steam pressure, a special gas storage bag should be set for the molding machine. In order to save energy and work safely, please keep the steam pipe warm.

7. Water cooling pipe: the workshop cooling water shall be introduced from the water cooling main pipe at the front of the frame top by the filter (provided by the customer). The cooling water pressure is 3-5kg; The water temperature should be controlled below 40 ℃ and soft water should be treated. If the water temperature is too high, using ordinary industrial water, mold cavity is easy to scale, affecting the cooling effect. It is also easy to cause scaling on the pipe wall, which will reduce the diameter and even lead to pipe blockage. The water temperature can be reduced by increasing the volume of the return tank or by increasing the forced cooling of the cooling tower. 

8. Drainage system: the drainage system is set at the back of the lower part of the machine. Generally, the cooling water of a factory is recycled, so the water discharged from the drainage pipe returns to the return pool. The most common way is to set two pools in series. In the high temperature return pool, the circulating water is filtered and precipitated, and then enters the cooling pool for use. If forced cooling is used, the cooling tower needs to be installed on the upper part of the cooling pool.

9. Feeding system: feeding fan, pressure barrel, air exhaust, etc. on the top of the machine. Form the feeding system. When the feeding fan is started, the air in the barrel is sucked out through the filter, resulting in the negative pressure in the barrel. The cured EPS raw material in the silo is sucked into the material barrel through the hose, and the starting time of the feeding fan is set according to the material barrel filling; The material barrel is divided into vertical type and horizontal type; There is a rotary swing discharge switch under the vertical barrel. The switch turns on the EPS raw material, leads the material gun through the plastic steel wire hose, and finally the EPS bead fills the mold cavity; If it is a horizontal barrel (horizontal barrel can reduce the total height of the machine to adapt to the lower plant), the bottom is equipped with a plate discharge switch. When feeding, the material barrel can be under normal pressure or proper positive pressure, generally adjusted to 1-2kg pressure.

10. Demoulding mechanism: a mechanical demoulding mechanism composed of a small guide rod and demoulding frame together with the customer's own elastic demoulding rod (stainless steel parts), which drives the small guide rod and demoulding frame to push the elastic demoulding rod to push the product out of the mold cavity through the left and right movement of the mold, and the moving range of the demoulding frame is determined by the position of the positioning sleeve on the small guide rod.

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