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What are the main advantages of foam forming machines?

2020-11-12 10:12:20

Foam molding machine is a kind of commonly used equipment and machinery, it will be used in foam box manufacturing industry, so its application scope is very extensive. You can easily find the manufacturer of this equipment, or you can buy it from a professional company to fully understand its advantages.

Foam forming machine has good energy saving characteristics. It mainly adopts the technology of steam proportional pressure reducing valve, which can be controlled accurately. The steam pressure of the main pipeline is also more stable. Compared with similar equipment, heating time can be reduced by 20% and energy consumption can be reduced by 30%. The machine has simple structure, strong stability and good strength design, which greatly increases the strength value of the machine. The template can be annealed at high temperature and processed by CNC center. On the one hand, it can ensure high precision, on the other hand, it can greatly extend the use time of the machine.

The machine is also equipped with a special cooling system. The system is very important. It mainly adopts the high-efficiency vacuum system technology and low energy consumption. The large vertical spray vacuum condensers adopt the cooling spray to enhance the vacuum condensation ratio, effectively protect the vacuum pump, and leave the vacuum interface between them in advance.

Foam molding machine operation control is also very strong, mainly using touch screen operation, the operation mode is very simple, and alarm system, can more systematically protect operators. So people can be assured of the operation, and the operation of fear of injury is completely different. These are the main advantages of this machine. When people buy this machine, they need to fully consider its advantages in order to give full play to the function of the machine.

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