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Learn about the role of foam EPC coating.

2020-08-03 00:00:00

The main performance indexes of foam EPC coating are wet strength, dry strength, adsorption, suspension, permeability, coating property and popularity.

1, improve the strength and rigidity of foamed plastic film, prevent deformation and damage, and maintain dimensional accuracy.

2. Ensure that the gas discharged from thermal decomposition of foamed plastic mold can be discharged smoothly to prevent casting defects.

3. The liquid metal and sand mold are separated to prevent the liquid metal from penetrating into the molding sand, and the casting with smooth surface is obtained.

4. The coating with different thermal conductivity is used to control the cooling rate of liquid metal in the mold and improve the fluidity of liquid metal. Foam EPC coating consists of refractory material, adhesive, carrier, suspending agent, additive and so on.

Foam EPC Casting

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