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Characteristics and maintenance methods of foam plastics machinery

2020-09-07 00:00:00

Foam machinery features: 1. Foam machinery is made from advanced and mature punching and heating technology at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of penetrating power, good adhesion, low steam consumption, fast molding speed and high production efficiency, and is twice as high as ordinary foam board automaton and automaton. 2, the foam cutting machine is a hot wire cutting equipment, specially used for cutting various shapes of foam products. There are foam cutting machines, C foam cutting machines, and two dimensional and three-dimensional foam cutting machines. 3. Basically, screw feeding device and electronic weighing device are used. 4. The hydraulic control system adopts differential control, which makes the opening and closing of the die fast, slow, orderly and stable.

The maintenance methods of foam plastics machinery are as follows: 1. Electric cabinets should be sealed as far as possible. Damp proof dustproof sponge should be installed at the cooling holes, and customers are required to replace them regularly. 2. Spraying, dipping, pouring and other processes are important equipment for waterproof. Moisture proof protective agent shall be used for electrical equipment. 3. Clean the electrical cabinet of each workshop to ensure that the cabinet is clean. 4. The surface of electronic circuit board should be coated with acrylic film protector or silicone film protector to prevent moisture intrusion. When the foam mechanical system works, it is not allowed to stop and stop when the power supply is not cut off.

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