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What is EPS foam?

2020-09-03 00:00:00

In fact, popular styrofoam and EPS boards are made of volatile polystyrene beads containing volatile liquid blowing agents. After heating, the white object is heated in the mold. They have the structural characteristics of small closed pores. So, what fields do EPS foam panels apply to? To what extent? What we often see are fragile bottles, jars and things in them. It is characterized by earthquake resistance, which is often used by many logistics companies when consigning a large number of fragile items. You may not know, many logistics companies now use it to consign fresh fruits and vegetables, and then paste safety film, which has a very obvious effect of preservation. This is another point. We can also know that in recent years, many houses and villas make insulation walls with EPS thickening foam board as one of the strong EPS foam board manufacturers. For many years, they have used advanced technology to supply numerous logistics and decoration companies.

EPS foam manufacturing

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